Bath Guitar Lessons

Bath Guitar Lessons

As someone who still remembers the difficulties of initially picking up and learning and instrument, I understand how challenging it can be and how frustrating it can get at times. After teaching guitar for 5+ years I also know some of the best ways to tackle the difficulties and barriers that newcomers, and experienced guitarist, encounter when it comes to guitar playing. Lessons cover a wide variety of guitar and musical aspects, including:

  • Warm up exercises
  • Major, Minor, 7 Chords
  • Musical Theory
  • Reading music
  • Scales and Soloing
  • Picking techniques (Alternate, legato, Economy, Sweep, Tapping)
  • Fingers picking and Acoustic styles (Fingerstyle, Percussive Playing)
  • Rock School Grades
  • Classical Guitar
  • And Much More...

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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